It Finally Came- Got My VRC in the Mail

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It took long enough. I had to send in for an address change (in early summer) and for a while I thought it wouldn't come in time. You know how it's been with the voter fraud scares, intimidation, and bullsh..crap. Whew, don't want any drama when I go and vote for Obama.

Do I want to give this man another chance at fixing my country because he is Black? Read this argument in a paper, too funny. Why would people assume Black people only chose their own? It has been tradition we are the worst when it comes to supporting each other as a race. Where do you think 'crabs in a bucket' metaphor was born?
I choose this man because I believe in my heart he can turn many of our issues around, if he is given the chance and the knives are pulled out of his back.

I without a doubt in my mind chose him over that flip flopping, twit Mitt Romney.  If Obama is wrong, he is consistently wrong on the same subject with the same words. If a man can lie 28 times in 37 minutes, with a straight face he will turn his back on you in a minute.

I'm so happy every morning when God has seen fit to wake me and Obama is still my President.


Makettles said... Best Blogger Tips

That was some honest read! hahha Enjoyed it.

Ey Wade said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you very much.

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