Disrespect-No Where But America

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Okay, so I feel a rant coming on. Where else but in America is it alright to plaster, throughout all forms of media, your hate, insensitivity and murderous intentions on the leader of your country and nothing is said?  Where else can you go and be able to slap an advertisement on walls of a public bus terminal and wish for your President to Go To Hell and this be legally okay?  Where else can you live where a Federal Judge can send out emails berating the President's mother by saying she sleeps with dogs?  Where else, but in America can 'so say' Christians call for and ask others to pray for the death of a man and his entire family? God bless the Fifth Amendment. All you have to do is make sure you word your rant within the scope of the law and you can call for murder, rape, genocide, the elimination of a religious group....oh wait, I think Germany beat us to that.

Everywhere you look there is a new article berating the POTUS or his wife. If there a mat at his front door begging for this? Why can't politicians stick to the problems at hand and not get so personal. Where else but in America is it popular to run nose to butt after an out of date,  twit or dickhead of a political candidate just because you want to get a Black man out of office? Never mind the fact neither of the candidates are worthy morally to clean the mud from his shoes. Womanizers, money hoarders,  glare in your face fabricators, and open newsletter racists.

The blatant disrespect some Americans show towards the position of President of the United States is outrageous. It really doesn't matter who the poor idiot (who ran for the office in the hope of improving our country) in the Oval Office happens to be. I  see the disrespect to him  the same way I see a mother in the grocery story being belittled, scandalized, and ranted on by her child. I lose respect for her position as the leader. The same way people outside of our scope probably sees America. Where else, but in America does this not matter?


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