Grow the Hell Up-Obama is Not Magical

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Forget what America thinks now, think about what America thought in 2008. In delusion and unfairness, we voted Obama into office with the biggest anchor around his neck. It was assumed he was going to be the 'magical negro'. The one who was going to fix all of our problems. The soft spoken, nonthreatening spirit guide who always seemed to save the white man or teach him something he was missing spiritually, morally, or educationally and after doing so he either dies, disappears, but none the less receives nothing for his troubles. These fictitious character spirits played by stars such as Sidney Poitier, or Will Smith (the greatest 'magical n' in modern times) in Seven Pounds, Bagger Vance and I can't tell you how many other movies. Or John Coffey who played the gentle giant (and why did he die again?) in The Green Mile and if you just sit back, you'll find yourself seeing this lovable yet pitiful spirit in many movies touting a Black man as one of the main characters.

Well, believe it or not, Barack Obama is not a magical negro. He couldn't be if he wanted to because he doesn't fit in the mold. He's not one of those house boys who snitches on his neighbors. He's an educated, honest, hard working family man, who loves his wife. He can't be bamboozled from his goal nor branded with labels such as infidelity or thievery. Since this man doesn't fit the mold and can't be lead around by a ring in his nose, he's not allowed to play the game with the big boys on The Hill and has to fight hard for every bit of progress he makes. Since he doesn't fit the mold as a pliable, yet usable waste of flesh, he has to listen to the ignorant humiliating things spouted about him by worthless contenders for his chair. Since he doesn't fit the mold, he has the call for his death and the death of his innocent children splashed all across the Internet. Worse than that Our President is called a disparaging name and his children labeled as monkeys. What the bloody Hell. This California politician (who lost his bid for city council in Carson, thank goodness) Jules Manson (any kin to Charles?) is crying for Obama's assassination. I don't care how much he loves that goober Ron Paul, he should use his own head when he thinks.

Some Americans would rather back up our progress as a thriving nation and vote in a racist (Ron Paul)Caucasian who truly hates the government than have a flesh and blood Black man as their leader and that's all it boils down to. Tea Partiers are the modern day KKK and the worst part of their campaign is the blind eyed minority following behind them. Idiots. You are the first people who will be thrown to the wolves if that pack of fruitcakes become the rulers of the world. Pay attention, Blacks, the poor, poor Whites and then Mexicans. That's the order of deletion. Read the history books, watch TV people you may learn something. Use your own brain and stop relying on some pompous know-nothing-at-all to make decisions for you. As for getting rid of the government. I laugh at your stupidity. There is no way on earth you can live without the Government in some form in your life. Stay off the sidewalks, don't use the water. Better yet go live off the grid and see how you fare.

I never heard Obama say he would cure all America's ills. I heard him say "Yes We Can". Not 'I' can. He can do nothing without the help of the people, whether they be the common man or the fools hanging around the Capitol being a hindrance. We need to vote some of those idiots out and be damned careful about who we vote in as our leader. Ignore the race card, pick up your ID and your voter's registration card and choose for the better and not the color.

All I can say is, grow the hell up America and face the choices you make without looking for some magical being to carry the weight of your mistakes. No one is willing to die for you.


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