Celebrating With the Big Dogs

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August is here! The 53rd I've seen.

Lol. Excitement abounds. Not only is it the most glorious time of the year...people can not stop talking about August because of the hell raising temperatures, the fact school will be starting (peace will reign in houses again), Ey was born. No doubt other names will be memorialized because they happen to have been born in my month, Obama and the late Michael Jackson. I also share the month with my awesome baby girl, Mhia.

The funny thing is my day of birth will be mentioned quite often this year because Obama just happens to be born on my birthday and as the eldest I claim this date. He will no doubt celebrate in a grand style, I will celebrate with a calm everyday smile and I will be very happy. This will be the first year Jett will celebrate with me. Nothing beyond matters.


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