C-Checking Communication a-z challenge

Best Blogger Tips

 Ah, the ways of keeping up with life. Ooookay, let's get to it.
Talked to God- pure soul searching air wave communication.
Twitter checked Here and Here.
Facebook checked here, here, and here.
Did a little bit of texting and FB socializing.
Scheduled tweets and posts.

Posted a couple of blogs here and here (still tweaking a bit)
Read some emails and now off to use that cell phone for something other than a handheld computer. Gotta get old school and call Mom then cuddle Jett.


M Kathy Brown said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Ey!

I was surprised to see a post today - Sunday. That's our day off from the challenge, so I decided to use it for visiting everybody.

Glad to find out you're doing the A to Z too... it's a great exercise for our brains, hearts and fingers...don't ya think? Like your site :~)

Ey Wade said... Best Blogger Tips

Ha ha,just killing time today. I could have saved in draft but I was on a roll.

Margaret Hall said... Best Blogger Tips

Communication...KEY! Don't know how we did it all in long distance calls and snail mail...

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