If the Manger Stays Empty Will There Be No Christmas?

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What happens when you can't find Jesus? Does it mean there will be no Christmas? This December has been one helluva faith tester. Everyday has been a step forward and two backward. My sister has been in the hospital since Thanksgiving and ICU for over a week. And they've given up on my aunt. Like 'they' run the world. A double whammie for my mom. Her sister, her child.

And yet, we strive for the jolly and we've pulled out the ornaments, set up the tree, haven't put on the deco and Jesus is missing. We've searched everywhere and haven't been able to find Him. I'm beginning to think if we find Him all will be well.
You know I want to be happy this Christmas. The last five have really sucked coal ash.
I want to be that idiot running down the street on 'It's a Wonderful Life' who wakes and all is well. I want to have a joyous Christmas where I can spend money galore and buy my family things they desire. I want to be able to pay for my sister to have the best medical care so she wouldn't be laying in ICU as I type and she would be cured of Lupus and not spending her days in hospital.
I want to have one of those magical hats like Frosty wore and give it to my Aunt so we could erase the dire words the doctors have spoken over her.

We have these three guys hunting, bums at their job because they only want to search at night. Something about needing a star and they haven't been able to find Him.
I wonder if His family  misses Him as much as we miss our members. I wonder if Mary, even though surrounded by those she loves, feels the absence of her child the way my mom does.

And since(even at my age)
 I am begging him for two gifts, find Jesus, and pull my  miracle out of his bag.


Wanda said... Best Blogger Tips

Even when you can't find Him, Immanuel hasn't lost sight of you. For He is the God who is with us. In sickness...He's with us, through trials...He's with us, in pain...He's with us, in disappointment...He's with us. May His presence and power be ever brighter in your and your family life.

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