Still Ticking Those Keys

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I have been so bogged down lately in the quest for publication I haven't even seen myself. I have taken the sent rejections so close to heart it seems as if no light was coming in and I couldn't get myself to blog, let alone read any posts. Tunnel vision blinds you.

Too many rejections keep you on the downside rather you're an author or a little kid having their projects criticized. It hurts and it doesn't matter if it was the product that was being rejected because it all comes back to being YOU.

I don't really believe the platitudes about getting up and going on, etc. etc....I mean I continue to write, but its a bunch of crock when people say a rejection makes you go stronger. Really you have to be somewhat strong in the first place or you wouldn't take a chance and put yourself out there. Anyway, Again, I'm putting myself on the chopping block and warming up the keys. Giving up is not my thing, whining is. Lol.


Jess said... Best Blogger Tips

You are such a good writer, but there's so much competition out there. Don't give up! Don't give up! Are you a member of -- check it out. It might make things easier if you're looking for an agent. But I hope you're working on something new. Another novel.

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