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People who don't care enough about their babies. Yesterday I was in the greatest of moods. Mostly because I believed the boys would be going to spend Christmas with their mother and siblings in Arkansas. They aren't. The mom instant messaged to say their grandmother (where she lives) says they will cause her water bill to go up. I think this issue will go way beyond Christmas. Whenever they go home the bill will rise, right? Wait, that home is where they came from so how much difference did they make to the bill?  How can you not want your grandchildren? I had no idea what the father was going to do after the holidays but now...
I'm wondering how miserable to mother is. Christmas without your kids should be like the end of the world. I wonder if she's miserable at all. Guess now I need to go figure out how to get a few little things for the boys. We hadn't put up a tree or anything because of the move. Everything is boxed in the garage. I could just smack their parents.


LKHarris-Kolp said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm with you. I got a small taste of Christmas without all of my kids when I was in the hospital with Katie and Pete and the boys at home on Christmas.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, and kudos to you for what you are doing =)

The Voice said... Best Blogger Tips

We will be with the family and thank God everyone is alive and counted.

Holli said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, that is despicable. Here's what I believe: Whether she's feeling it right now or not, that mother has to be miserable somewhere inside herself. You have to be miserable to not want your kids. Something must be going on with her.

Santa comes in many forms and congrats on stepping up to the plate and taking care of those boys. I hope that you all have a wonderful, Merry Christmas.

Debra Harris-Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

The boys will have a merrier Christmas with you and your girls. It doesn't matter about the tree and lights and all that. What matters is the love!

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