My Gift Giving Advice for the Year

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According to Jan Null, CCM’s article Hyperthermia Deaths of Children in Vehicles there were 443 U.S. deaths from 1998-2009.  With the announcement of a new life coming into the family and the Holidays coming around parents and family members begin thinking about the gifts to give. The thought to get beyond is not what would be ‘the toy’ of the moment, but what would be the safest, require a little parental supervision, is not too noisy, and hopefully provide a little education.  
 Toys are great, but if you want to give a gift that will save a life, the Child Minder Toddler/Infant Safety Seat Monitor developed by Baby Alert would be a choice to consider. The system consists of a seat pad, key alarm fob $69.00, and a smart clip $69.00 and extra key fob $28.00. These little items remind parents a child is in the safety seat by sounding an alarm. 
Be safe this holiday season and all year.


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