National Adoption Day

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Yesterday afternoon I watched the news and cheered with the new families the act of adoption have put together and in the evening I was so damned pissed off at my own family members for the careless way they treat their own children. Within the past fifteen days no contact was made between the boys and their parents and when I talked to each last night they each just talked about each other and complained about being 'stuck' with their own children. Neither one is taking care of the children. The boys are in Houston, the mom (and two others in Arkansas) and the dad in Beaumont, who is 'stuck' with the boys? Not me.

They live with us and everyday I am tickled at the advances they are making. These little guys are counting everything (with constant help of course and sometimes ewww) into our hands, sorting bears by colors and from squares, and squealing out their mantra 'what is that'. We can understand so much more of their conversation. Last night I chewed their dad out about rearing the children in a practical closet. Not my business I guess, but when he began telling me about bringing them down for Thanksgiving and leaving them and then telling me he doesn't know where he will be living in December or where he would get money I had to refuse. Don't get me wrong I will be in Beaumont, he will see them and then I will bring them back until he gets things set up for them. Did he care? No. Does the mom care? No. She just whined about being tired and no one helping her. Dang, she lives with her mom....let me not ramble.
I'm just amazed at the people who go out of the way to save a child and those who are blessed with little souls don't recognize the value.  Visit these sites of heroes.Raise Me Up and Why Not Me.


Debra Harris-Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

If I were 10 years younger I would fight to adopt both of those boys. In 10 more years I'll probably be needing someone to adopt me. LOL What a pity. Those boys could be the joy of someone's life instead of the regret in their parents lives.

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