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When is maturity a 'good' thing? is the title of a post from my other voice and it fits soo many topics on so many different levels. Yesterday I read this article about a mother that had left her 18 month old in the car while she had gone into Cosco. After someone reported the child in the car the police stood watch for approximately thirty minutes until the mother returned. She was not arrested and the child was returned to her custody.??? This I found hard to understand.

 When I read some of the comments about the incident I could see why nothing happened. So many of the people were angry at the people who reported the incident and the police. These people thought it no one's business the child was left in the car They made statements like it's the mother's choice, the police should find something better to do and other derogatory comments. Why is it some people are deciding there should be no form of authority over them. It seems like each individual has decided we are a nation unto ourselves and answerable to no one. Basically this means no growing up and no responsibility.


Debra Harris-Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

My daughter and i witnessed a similiar incident at Bed Bath & Beyond. The mother left the toddler in the car seat in a car went shopping. She came back to realize she locked the keys in the car. The baby was awake and screaming chained to the car seat.
They called EMS & they came out and opened the car door. They didn't give a citation or warning because they are NOT the police.Onlookers did have bad words to say about "mom." Again though nothing was done. I could never leave my child like that. You know you could always hire a babysitter and treat yourself to a few hours of shopping. That's what I did.

The Voice said... Best Blogger Tips

I can bet you she told the police she had just slammed the door and forgotten the keys.

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