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The Perfect Solution by Ey Wade

“...I placed the most precious thing I had in the world in your hands and you people did not take your job seriously.”

These are the words of distraught parent, Catrine Teddi from the novel THE PERFECT SOLUTION. As Catrine cries out in frustration and anguish to the center’s owner and staff, her words reverberate as a warning to us all. Many children are abducted each year by total strangers and The Perfect Solution informs the readers of the ease in which a child can be abducted from its daycare center or school and addresses the importance of diligent observation and supervision in the childcare centers. In the novel other problems occurring in the child care centers are mentioned, children forgotten in vans, parks, just to name a few. The Perfect Solution tells of the problems and gives solutions. It also has companion survey of 32 questions that has been issued to the staff of public and home based childcare centers.

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