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“Scratch up their car, reroute their mail. Whatever necessary.”
“You had better not ever scratch my Jag. I’ll break your fingers off. Whoa..wait a minute. Are you the reason my utilities were turned off last week?”
Shanel let out a little self-satisfied laugh.
“You may think it is funny, Shanel but I had to go through hell to get them back on and had to pay another deposit.”

Shanel laughed again.

“You sit there thinking this bull crap is funny? Wait a minute.” Quinten slammed the half empty can on the coffee table and went to get her cell phone from her purse. She searched through the phone for a moment before pushing the buttons and turning to stare Shanel in the face as she talked.

“Hey Josiah.” Smiling at the utter shock that came across Shanel’s face Quinten continued her side of the conversation. “Can you come over?”

Shanel rushed over to try and take the phone. Quinten strongly elbowed Shanel off her back and continued talking without a pause.

“Right now would be fine.”

Shanel came back more determined than ever. Swinging her hand hard Quinten smacked Shanel in the face.

“I know this is strange for me to call you, but I really want you to come over. I have something for you. What? You have to go to your mother’s home. Can you stop by here first?” Speaking in her sexiest tones, which proved to be Josiah’s down fall Quinten irritably struggled through the silent fight with Shanel. “You’ll come? Oh, great. See you in a few.”

Quinten disconnected the call, turned to Shanel and smacked her in the face with the heel of her hand to stop her continuing attack.

“Grow up, Shanel and save your fight for your husband.”
“Why did you call him here?”
“Because you are taking this as a joke and I want to make sure you have it straight in your mind this battle is not between us. I don’t want either of you to ever darken my world again.”
“He’s only going to lie when he sees me.”
“He won’t see you because you will be in the other room listening. This is the only way for you to see the man as he is. I’m not your family and I don’t want to be your friend. I want you to face facts and never threaten any part of my life again.”
“He’s going to be angry.”
“About what? You’ll be in the other room. If you play it right he will never know you were here. You’re trying to gain ammunition here girl.


Debra Harris-Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

OMG, come on with it girl. You got one great story going. I am tempted to edit behind you for ways this or that would sound better but forget that! This story is too good. Bring it on!!!!!

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