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“We have two, a two year old girl and a six month old boy.” She answered after taking another sip from her can.
“Oh, that explains the mushy body. Okay, sorry that was low of me.” Quentin apologized at the look the woman gave her. “Well, I can tell you definitely don’t care about your children. You could have been killed. You don’t know what kind of weapon I have in this house. I can’t get over you bustin’ in my house and hitting me in the face.”
“I can’t get over you screwing with my husband.”
“I am not messing with your damn husband. I met him three weeks ago and went out with him once. He’s not my type. He said he was not tied to anyone, not married and didn’t have any children. This battle you wanna have is not between you and me it belongs between you and Josiah. Get off the floor and sit on the chair over there.” She pointed to a chair across from the couch she was sitting on, watching closely in case the woman decided to make a sneak attack. “What’s your name again?”
“Shanel.” Shanel flopped dejectedly in the chair and wiped a tear from the corner of her left eye. “You’re right. I shouldn’t have come here, but you are the third person he has been with within the past year. The others I know were just one night stands, but you…He has been away from home every night. The only name I hear is Quentin. At first I thought you were a guy and y’all were hanging out, but he became obsessed. When he started putting magazines around the house with your picture on it…I lost it. There you were female, skinny as hell, beautiful and sleeping with my husband.”
“You know something, Shanel, I don’t want to be your friend, but I have to tell you this. Not every woman your husband meets wants to sleep with him. I for one do not. He is not as ‘all that’ as you think.
Shanel made as if to stand and protest.
“Hey, sit back down.” Quinten raised a finger as a warning. ‘I’m not kidding and you’re wasting your time trying to defend him to me. Do you think I want a slime that’s playing around on his family? He denied you guys. Here you are endangering your life over someone who carelessly throws you aside. And I can bet this is not the first time. Do you always chase after the woman?
Shanel looked Quinten in the eyes and slowly lowered her head.
“What is your problem? How many times do you think you can fight the other woman?”
“I don’t always ‘fight’ them.”
“What else do you do?”


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