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Just wanted to share a website I really love to read. Bowllan's Blog-W.A.R. War on Racism manned by Amy Bowllan.  Amy Bowllan began her career as a Television Investigative Producer and Reporter for WCBS-TV NY and KNXV in Phoenix, AZ. She also snagged two Emmy awards for Broadcast Journalism and several Associated Press awards. She now is the Director of Diversity and Educational Technology at The Hewitt School in NYC and is responsible for integrating technological resources into staff and students day to day programs. 

For the past few months Mrs. Bowllan  has been sharing interviews with authors of every ethnicity. Through this site I have been introduced to some awesome books, inspiring people and learned about the impact prejudice has had on the lives of these authors, most of whom are educators. Well worth the click over.


Debra Harris-Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

It was great to see Amy on your blog. I too am a member of W.A.R and I am tickled she included my blog on her roll.

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