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There is always something on any given day we face so many challenges it is hard to see a way through. I am constantly wading through the water trying to see a hand of salvation. Something that will make me believe it is all worth while.

Yesterday I finally finish
ed with the paper work on the plans, designs, specifications of what I have thought to be the culmination of my ideal child care center and went to talk to the investor. What a giant waste of time and hope. The deal has fallen through. The church to be renovated basically has to stay a church or many financial and coding issues (I would have to get in writing from everyone living near the center to agree to having the center in the neighborhood, not a problem I'm sure)will eat us up. My investor basically wants a crappy low class center where he thinks you just sit and hold babies "they don't need much room", he says. Ha, obviously he has never been a mother in a closed tiny room with a crying baby. Believe me I checked on the coding before getting happy and was told everything would be fine until deeper checking had been done. Dang last week I even bought the DBA. Oh, well I'm sure God has a better plan for me.

Yesterday little T.J. called my name. First time. He was stuck in the standing position and true he only called me what sounded like nanny, but for a nine month old I was tickled. I am so impressed with the things babies learn. As I sat near him after his rescue I watched as he stood again
with the help of a toy and tried to reach an object that was out of his reach. After each unsuccessful attempt he took a step towards the desired object until he succeeded. Wow, this was a lesson God had to teach him. How else would he know about trial and error? I am really impressed, his determination to succeed made me want to try and succeed in something in my life.

Today, the sun is sh
ining. the porch is full off shade, the little girls are singing (in some foreign lang. of their age) about the beautiful flowers, and the tops of the buildings they can see from downtown and bubbles are bursting over head.


Erica Vetsch said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm sorry things aren't running smoothly re the child care center, but you are right. God knows the details, and He knows what He has planned for you.

Keep the faith!

Debra Harris-Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

Remember HOPE floats. I have an eerie gift of what my friends call the "knowing". I know things will rumble on, shaky for a while...then your break through moment. Just be on guard to recognize true oportunity when it comes knocking. Stiffen up on those non paying parents. I am rooting for you, cmon you can do this.

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